Care and Handling

All gemstones should be treated with care.  No gem is indestructible.  Even diamond - which the Greeks named "adamas" (their word for invincible), will chip or even break in two if hit on a stress plane known as a "cleavage".  Similar to diamond, some emeralds have planes of weakness in their crystal structure which will not withstand a sharp blow or other kinds of abuse.

It is important to remember that your emerald is a gemstone, and basic rules of gemstone etiquette should be observed.

RULE # 1
NEVER EVER clean your stone,  (or have it cleaned), with a steam cleaner or an ultrasonic bath.
RULE # 2
ONLY clean your emerald by using warm soapy water and a toothbrush.
RULE # 3
DON'T wear it in a hostile environment... i.e. gardening, washing dishes, or any other place where it could be easily chipped. Think of it this way... Would you wear a tuxedo or evening gown while you work in the garden?

Always remember that treating your stone with care will preserve it's beauty for your lifetime and also for generations to come!
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